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Our Team.

Special thanks to our Executive Board Members, Advisory Board Members, and Staff who provide outstanding expertise and commitment to our mission. Our Business Liaisons are great resources for our members and provide opportunities to produce incredible events that bring communities together. Preferred Medical Institutions establish proper communications for patient routing, and the physicians and providers who become members make our services possible. We couldn't push for better outcomes for heroes without them.

Finally, thank you to the men and women who make incredible sacrifices to keep our communities safe. We are here for you and yours whenever you need us.

LEO Health Services Executive Board Members

Our Vision.

We believe that law enforcement officers are heroes.  They deserve access to care that keeps them ready to serve our communities.  To accomplish this goal, we partner with physicians who join our provider platform because they want to provide care for heroes. We partner with medical institutions of the highest caliber to ensure consistent communications and care. We partner with business leaders who share this vision and bring necessary resources to ensure our success. 

Importantly, we partner with police agencies and associations so that every officer, nationwide, knows that they have a medical advocate whenever needed. We provide this service in confidence, with compassion, understanding and a focus on great medical outcomes.

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