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Join the team. Elevate care for heroes.

Most patients struggle to effectively access care in America, but what if they had an advocate? LEO Health provides FREE professional patient navigation for the law enforcement community, ensuring access to heroes like you.

If you are a medical provider who feels connected to law enforcement and would like to be the first practice we call when heroes need the best care, then we need you on our team. 

It's easy to join our platform of providers, and you'll love the benefits. We'll build a profile for you that guides our navigators when sending referrals, making sure we send the patients that are right for your team. Let's work together to change lives. Please consider membership today.

Thank you the institutions that have worked with our team to impact over 20,000 law enforcement lives.
We look forward to building new partnerships as we continue to be there for heroes nationwide.

Major, NYSP

"I endorse LEO Health Services and the physicians who willingly participate in it. They have a skill set that helps families gain access to the best physicians and hospitals, taking some of the stress out of interactions with today’s healthcare system."

Sheriff's Deputy, PA

"We tried to get an appointment with a specialist for a few weeks. LEO Health found a great provider who accepts our insurance in a matter of hours. They really came through for us."

Colonel, NYSP

I highly recommend them to anyone who is having difficulty accessing the care they need.  They are professional, completely confidential, and they are there for those who serve.

Medical advocacy for heroes.

LEO HEALTH offers free patient navigation services to members of law enforcement, retirees and family members. We partner with physicians, medical institutions and businesses to build medical options and route care for any medical need. Our goal is to help patients obtain faster access to the right care that leads to better outcomes. To learn more about accessing this service, click below.


Special Events with LEO Health

Track Day 2022

Firearms Training for Members

We take great pride in developing Special Events that bring together members of law enforcement and our partners in the medical and business communities. Join us to be updated on future events like these, as well as upcoming Award Nights, Mixers, and other great experiences. 


Healthcare & Law Enforcement

Katja Ridderbusch

Award-winning journalist based in Atlanta. Print, radio, online. German-American. Focus on health care, criminal justice, and law enforcement. Reports for media outlets in Europe and the United States. Bylines in TIME, The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Kaiser Health News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Times of Israel, NPR affiliates, Welt, Spiegel, and German national public radio. 

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