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Highlighted Heroes

Everyday, someone makes a difference in the life of a member of law enforcement. It could be one of our physician members, a fellow officer, one of our business liaisons or a medical institution.  Take a moment to learn more about some of them. They are deserving of recognition and thanks.

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Thank you Dr. Misra

We thank him for his expertise and his support of law enforcement officers in California and Florida. Take a moment to click and read his highlight. It's because of people like him that LEO Health is able to meet our mission to keep officers on the job after injuries.

Above and beyond

Dr. Wymer has been a thought leader in the field of neurology, as well as a supporter of law enforcement for many years, in both New York State and in Florida. He Recently provided expert guidance for an officer's family member who was having difficulty locating a specialized neurologist, paving the way to the right care. Having experts on the team is an incredible blessing. Thank you Dr. Wymer.

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