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  • What does LEO stand for in the LEO Health Services company name?
    Law Enforcement Officers Health Services. We support any law enforcement officer, whether they wear a local, state or federal uniform, and we are there for their family members as well.
  • How does LEO Health pay for the FREE patient navigation services to officers, retirees, and all family members who need assistance with medical options?
    LEO Health is able to provide free patient navigation services, thanks to the medical providers and other professionals who join our membership organization. They pay annual or bi-annual membership dues, which funds our operations and fuels our expansion nationwide, and receive special membership benefits.
  • What is patient navigation?
    Patient navigation is a relatively new service in the medical field. Professional navigators assist patients who struggle to gain access to the right providers in today's medical system. A recent study suggested that only 12% of Americans are able to engage our system in an effcient, productive manner. Other studies show that professional navigators help patients achieve more rapid access to care, fewer required visits, faster diagnoses, and better medical outcomes. LEO Health provides this service free of charge to any law enforcement family. If you need assistance with medical options, fill out the LEO Intake Form on our ADVOCACY page, or call 1-844-LEO-HS44.
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