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Medical Advocacy for Heroes.

Accessing medical care can often be difficult. LEO Health Patient Navigators help law enforcement families understand their non-emergent medical options.​

  • Are you finding it difficult to get the medical outcome you need?

  • Are you waiting too long for an important appointment?

  • Is it time to get a second opinion?

  • Would you like to consider a comprehensive cancer center?

  • Do you need confidential access to behavioral healthcare?

  • Are you concerned or have questions about your health insurance coverage?


Click the LEO INTAKE FORM below, or give us a call to have a confidential conversation at 1-844-LEO-HS44.

Patient navigation is a free LEO Health service.  We will not bill your insurance. Your health insurance will be used when accessing care with medical providers.

Call 911 for medical emergencies.


Collaborative Partners in Behavioral Health and Addiction Services: Focused on Confidential Access to Care for Heroes.

It's never been easier to access culturally competent behavioral health & addiction services. When it's time to get help, the experienced, dedicated professionals below can help you access the right care.


We also want to get in front of problems where possible. We know the job can be tough, so we can connect departments with trusted resiliency program experts.  They prepare officers for the impact that the job can have.  

The most courageous among us are those who are able to ask for help.


Why free advocacy?

Law Enforcement Officers put their lives on the line everyday, experiencing job-related difficulties that are known to cause physical and mental injury.


Most deal with adrenaline-filled, strenuous situations routinely, resulting in more frequent cardiac conditions than the public. One recent study suggested that the risk of suicide for those in police work may be 54% higher than for those working in other occupations. Officers may struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and may have difficulty with retirement transition.


Let's face it, being a police officer and staying healthy isn't easy. Navigating an increasingly difficult healthcare system isn't easy either. Studies show that most Americans have problems effectively accessing care and getting results efficiently.


The physicians, medical facilities, and businesses with whom we partner truly want to be there for heroes. Patient navigation is a proven method to obtain better health outcomes. We believe that the law enforcement community deserves confidential access to medical advocates who can help them work through any medical issues.

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