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"The people that join LEO Health Services are about the future of medicine. They are about trying to make sure they are there when people need them. Not being told we'll see you in six months, they're being told we'll see you tomorrow.  That's the future of medicine!"

Michael C. Brooks, Founder & Board Chair

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Join the Team

Be the medical professional that our healthcare navigators call when a police officer or family member need the best care.  Join our referral network below, free of charge.  Then learn about other membership opportunities and special member benefits.

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Medical Professionals
Healthcare Navigation Process with LEO Health Services

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Membership FAQs

Q: Who should I Join? A: Medical Professionals who believe in the future of medicine and want to support law enforcement.

Q: Where do you operate? A: LEO Health HQ is in NY. Over the last 11 years, Michael has built relationships with major hospitals and law enforcement throughout the United States. We continue to expand our footprint daily.

*Q: Why should I Join? A: Any or all of the below... 1) You believe in the future of medicine 2) Base membership's Free. 2a) Paid memberships help law enforcement nationwide. 3) Show your support for law enforcement nationwide 4) Utilize a professional Healthcare Navigator 4a) See patients that are specific to your specialty 4b) High Patient Satisfaction Scores 4c) Potentially grow your practice 5) Why Not?!

Q: What's the time commitment? A: As little or as much as you have available. Some members help consult, some only join to show support.

Q: What's the cost? A: Base membership is free. Paid memberships have additional benefits and help support law enforcement nationwide.

Q: I'm not taking new patients right now, why would I join? A: Any or all of the below... 1) You believe in the future of medicine 2) Show your support for law enforcement nationwide 3) There are some fun perks 3a) It's a networking thing, it could come in handy someday 3b) Your peers are doing it, so why not?!

Q: What is LEO Health Services? A: Medical Membership Platform that provides healthcare advocacy services free to law enforcement officers nationwide.

Q: I’m a ____fill in the blank____, is this for me? A: This is for medical professionals who believe in the future of medicine, and who are tired of putting in 100% every day and having their time wasted. Those that want to continue to do the right thing and take care of people.

Q: Who started LEO Health and why? A: Michael C Brooks founder of LEO Health Services. After impacting over 20,000 lives for State Troopers, other agencies were calling and asking him for help, and he couldn't say no. He realized there was a huge need and he wanted to help on a larger scale.

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What people are saying...

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Sheriff's Deputy, PA

"I endorse LEO Health Services and the physicians who willingly participate in it. They have a skill set that helps families gain access to the best physicians and hospitals, taking some of the stress out of interactions with today’s healthcare system."

Major Eric Laughton

"I applaud LEO Health Services' efforts, as every police officer deserves a confidential advocate when met with a serious illness or injury that could affect his or her job, health, or that of a loved one.


I've been there, Michael and Sara were consistently there for me and I was able to rebuild my body and my life"

Colonel, NYSP

"We tried to get an appointment with a specialist for a few weeks. LEO Health found a great provider who accepts our insurance in a matter of hours. They really came through for us."

Confidential. Patient Focused.
Results Oriented. Trusted.

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"Connecting Heroes to Heroes isn't just a saying. It's connecting the people who swear an oath to protect us, with the people who swear an oath to prescribe only beneficial treatments, refrain from causing harm and live an exemplary life!" 

~Michael C. Brooks

Founder & Board Chair

Join the Team

You can be part of the future of medicine... starting today!

Healthcare Navigation & Advocacy FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Healthcare Advocacy and Healthcare Navigation? A: The terms are close but not identical. However, both aims to bridge the gaps within our healthcare systems to ensure that people can access affordable, effective, and high-quality healthcare. LEO Health defines them as the following; Healthcare Advocacy: supports and promotes the rights of the patient in the health care arena, and focused on available, safe, and quality care. Healthcare Navigation: reviews the current situation of the patient including current insurance and works with medical professionals to navigate the care that most aligns with the patients concerns.

Q: Does LEO Health offer Healthcare Advocacy or Healthcare Navigation? A: Both! LEO Health’s aim is to bridge the gaps within our healthcare systems to ensure that people can access affordable, effective, and high-quality healthcare. To us, this means understanding your situation, insurance, and desired outcome. Then working with medical professionals to achieve the desired goals.

Q: When would I need Healthcare Advocacy or Navigation? A: We can help with a variety of issues, from weight loss management, men’s health, women’s health, mental health, overdue doctors’ visits, or access to care. We try to bridge the gaps within our healthcare systems to ensure that people can access affordable, effective, and high-quality healthcare.

Q: What is the cost to use LEO Health Services? A: The program is free to law enforcement and their families and is funded by the medical providers who join our platform and believe in doing the right thing for our law enforcement. We don’t ask medical professionals for discounted care, or free care, we only ask for access to care.

The Future of Medicine

Medical Provider Platform

Medical Professionals join the network Join now for FREE!

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